Who is Frankie?

People are always asking us whether or not there's really a Frankie. It has been a recurring theme throughout the years, so here's the low down.

Frankie is a Colorado native. He had been working in sales in Denver until he decided to called it a day, have family in the Springs, and open a bar on Powers (back then it was a two lane road... that's right, two lanes. The frontage road that sits as a parking lot at Frankie's was Powers). Folks thought he was crazy. He borrowed against everything he had and opened the bar.

Back then, it only had a little burger-and-sandwich menu on a chalkboard, had no patio, and was only half the size it is now. He was the first in the Springs to do wing specials at 10 cents each... that's like talking fuel prices now! The menus soon went to paper as a Christmas gift from a girlfriend (now Wife), a patio was added, and here we are now with Big Screen HD TVs!

The same food that's always made the bar special is still Frankie's pride: hand battered onion rings, hand cut potato chips, kick-ass burgers, homemade soups everyday, and the fact that you can come in and meet people. Young or old, corporate or blue collar, man or woman... you'll walk out with a new friend (Frankie walked out with a Bride! Okay, maybe good, maybe bad. Either way, you get the point).

Kathy (The aforementioned Bride)